In spite of hip joint pain from hiking ...

Yesterday my body condition was unbelievable.  I huffed and puffed all the time more than my husband, and had small back pain at half way.  I was so ashamed of myself. 

This morning we both were wrapped over with fatigue, even sleeping couldn't resolve it.

But in the last minutes of afternoon we went out for bicycling, it was just a very short ride.  Hip joints are still in pain, but I felt good, for some reason my legs were stronger for pedaling.

Well, tomorrow will be another walk day for me or us. 😟


New plan-Hiking Day

I felt that we are getting weak physically by aging.  And we need to walk more weekly.  So I decided to walk or hike on Monday, and sure to hike on Saturday.

Today we went to Sonoma Valley Regional Park for hiking.  We did revenge hike on Couger Trail all the way to Glen Ellen which we, mainly because of me, couldn't do on March 3rd.

We started the same steep slope, we found many acorns on the ground!
I put GoPro, bike camera on the strap of my shoulder bag, so the picture was showing like this.

I still had a hard time to walk up the steep slope all by myself, and regret not to bring my hiking stick.  But I got a good idea.

This is still enjoyable for me anyway.
But on down slope I prefer going by myself.  So he got free.

We reached to Glen Ellen and picked up some food and drink at Glen Ellen Grocery.  And we headed back, but we took Valley of the Moon Trail which was not easy for us to get in, because the trail looked very different from biking in past.

Anyway we came back after finishing a 3.3 mile hike.  Those were very nice trails to hike for us, even though some steep down slopes on the Couger Trail towards Glen Ellen have loose rocks, so we had to be careful not to fall.  



September Biking was finished with twilight moon

Good 4 days gardening made me busy, but we pushed ourselves onto the pedals at the last minute before dark.  

We planted vegetables for winter, and separated jammed green onions.   Leftover baby Patty pan were cooked in soup, that was delicious.

No more excuse for not riding, no matter that I got tired from gardening, I will bicycle!