Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail

To escape from another heat wave, we left in the morning for Half Moon Bay today.  
When we reached Venice Beach, it was foggy on the sea, on the hills.  We put thin jackets on.

From the parking lot we rode to the South first, and the trail was a very nice beginning so we had fun.
Then a challenging bumpy trail started, but I rode well for a while, 

and I got tired and gave up. 

We turned around and faced to the North. 

Going North was up slope, especially after passing Venice Beach.
We enjoyed all kinds of scenery along the trail.

We ate fish dishes at the Sushi Main Street for our lunch afterwards, which was tasty.  We walked on the street and bought fish and vegetable Sandwich at Fish 'n' Frites for our dinner. And picked some sweets at Moonside Bakery And Cafe.
And we came back happily.

My butt hurts, my hip joints hurt, and my small back hurts now.

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